Hidden Water World Ring


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Want a beautifully crafted ring that holds a unique masterpiece inside? This stunning Hidden Water World Ring is the perfect combinations of art, creativity and originality all bundled into one tiny ring. Its delicate appearance will catch everyone’s attention. 

Whether you’re going to a party, out with friends or a concert, this beautiful ring will always be the perfect companion to compliment your chosen attire. Complete your alternative look with this one of a kind Hidden Water World Ring.



  • Expertly handcrafted
  • Water resistant 
  • Wood resin
  • Stunning unique design
US Size UK Size EU Size Diameter Circumference
5 J 49 15.7mm 49mm
6 K 51 16.51mm 51.50mm
7 M 54 17.35mm 54mm
8 P 56 18.18mm 56.60mm
9 R 59 18.90mm 59.50mm
10 T 61 19.80mm 62.10mm
11 V 64 20.60mm 64.60mm
12 X 66 21.40mm 67.20mm