Everybody has their own sense of style – which is why we offer our Silicone Moulds in so many different sizes and shapes. But one thing everybody agrees on is durability. Moulds need to last. We use a unique and finest  Silicone, which gives our product that durability everyone aims to achieve. It also gives them a number of other benefits that other types of moulds can’t offer.

Our finished concrete products are inspired by the latest trends in fashion and home decor, delivering a variety of styles that will make a statement in any household. Every piece of silicone mould is durable and heat/cold-resistant, making it perfect for every day’s casting… proving once again that beauty can be tough and last a lifetime. concrete tile moulds or wall tile concrete silicone mould used to cast your own unique concrete tiles. Made from premium silicone, non-stick, tolerates up to 180 degrees C, great for resin, ice, concrete, chocolate, clay, plaster, etc.
  • Single-piece Platinum-Silicone Glove Mold
  • Designed for long term use
  • Accurate Geometry
  • Easy-to-pour opening
  • Easy to demould
  • Use with Cement-All requires almost no cleaning between castings
  • Estimated lifetime: 300+ castings
  • With proper care can produce 1,000+ castings from most moulds


  • Material: Silicone rubber
  • Dimension: 30x170x170mm