Gaming Mechanical Keyboard


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The top cover of the keyboard is made of metal, which is more durable and durable. The electroplated keycap is not easy to wear, ergonomic ladder keycap curve. With intelligent sleep mode, the host enters sleep or standby state. The backlight function is turned off, and the previous model is restored after the host starts up. Designed with mechanical green shaft switch, about 60 million key life.

  • Metal panel high and low key layout, using metal panel, wear-resistant anti-fall, strong and durable high-low key layout, adapt to the human hand tapping the keyboard movement arc, feel comfortable.
  • Retro-plated punk keycap, retro-plated punk keycap, high-frequency anti-attack characters wear-resistant, non-fading, high uniformity of light transmission, delicate touch, longer service life.
  • The electro-sports game mechanical shaft body adopts the mechanical green axis switch design, with about 60 million keypress lives, sensitive response, long-term pressing, and minimal resilience loss, creating a real mechanical game shaft.
  • 104-key full-key no-rush farewell to Caton, using full-key conflict-free design, quickly trigger continuous skills, refusing key conflicts, helping the game to kill and burn fast!
  • Visual feast night light phantom light effect, cool lighting effect at night, radiant, dazzling, help the game to kill enthusiasm!



  • Number of buttons: 104 keys
  • Keyboard line length: about 1.6 meters
  • Transmission method: wired USB
  • Product weight: about 788g
  • Anti-ghosting: Full-key Anti-ghosting
  • Keyboard size: about 435x125x36 (mm)
  • Panel material: metal panel