Foot Massage Door Mat

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The mat is soft Acupressure for recovery of fatigue and blood flow Good circulation due to the effect of acupuncture.

Simulated finger massage stimulates the soles of the feet and presses the acupuncture points in all directions. It takes only a few minutes on the mat to help promote blood circulation, relaxes the whole body.  Strengthen internal organs increase metabolism Improve memory Improves sleep quality for your good sleep. Eliminate stress, relax the body and mind Portable and light and durable.

Foot Massage Door Mat - Foot Care Tool


  • High-grade Material: Adopts high-grade TPE materials, non-toxic, odourless, environmentally friendly.
  • Slip- resistance: Be full of the groove on the back make the mat more steady.
  • Easy to Carry: You can take it with you to work, to the gym, on vacation. and anywhere.
  • Splice Design: There are small hook and hole on the edge of every piece so that can be spliced with other pieces.
  • Relax Body: There are many massages salient so that you can massage your feet conveniently and relieve fatigue.

Foot Massage Door Mat - Foot Care Tool


  • Materials: TPE
  • Colour: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink
  • Size: 39x 29cm

Foot Massage Door Mat - Foot Care Tool

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