Foldable Mini Selfie Drone

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  • Innovative Folding arms for easy storage and transport 
  • Built-in Camera that lets you record videos, take aerial pictures and even take selfies
  • Wifi Phone control, real-time image transmission to the phone screen
  • Wifi Attractive headless model, completely solving loss of orientation problem
  • 3D Flips with amazing agility provides a cool aerial show
  • One press automatic return button ensures that you can call back your drone without any delay
  • The G-Sensor mode enables the small drone to automatically follow the way you move your phone
  • Altitude hold mode allows for precision, steady hovering at a certain height
  • Functions: Rise, fall, fly forward/backward, turn left/right, fly sideways, hover, Speed up, 3D roll, auto return, FPV camera, record video, take photos
  • No remote needed.  Use your Cell phone to control.  iPhone or Android
  • Please allow 3-4 weeks for item to arrive

317 in stock