Foldable Aluminum Foil Heat Preservation Insulation Cover

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Want to find a way to keep your food hot for longer? This amazing Foldable Aluminum Foil Heat Preservation Insulation Cover won’t only protect your freshly made dish from dust and flies but it will also help to keep your food piping hot for longer.  

Reheated food isn’t always tasty or safe, so that lovely meal you cooked your husband whos working late ready for his return can now maintain its piping hot and fresh taste for much longer with this super convenient Heat Preservation Insulation Cover. Made from a waterproof outside and a thick aluminium inner to provide high-quality insulation.  The sturdy construction gives it a spacious cover to protect your food without having to worry about it collapsing on top.  



  • Foldable design, easy to store
  • Handle to make it easy to uncover your food
  • Prevents flies, mosquitoes and dust from getting on your food 
  • Aluminium insulation to keep your food piping hot 


  • Material: Waterproof fabric + aluminium foil
  • Size: S: 22x22x11.5 cm; L: 37x37x15 cm