Flexible Shaft Bits Extension Screwdriver

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His soft drill connecting shaft mainly used to narrow space, dead ends and other places that screwdriver is hard to work in, like computer chassis, electrical cabinets, furniture, electrical appliances, etc. The flexible shield protects your hands while the internal shaft rotates freely. Trendy upgraded style, design and workmanship are all improved. Solid surface and clear instruction, reliability with industry standards.


  • The body is small, but strong compatibility, high practicability.
  • Bending is larger and can be normal use.
  • Flexible and handy in use.
  • Lightweight and portable to be taken.
  • Wide range of applications and universal.
  • For the position where common screwdriver can’t work an be connected with the electric drill to use.
  • Convenient in every hellhole little space collocation electric drill and screw.
  • Loading or unloading the screws in the narrow place in the car engine easily.
  • 295MM shaft is of great flexibility to bend, twist and straighten even in narrow confined space.