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Tackle kits are ideal for people who are starting out in fishing and are not sure what to buy, as they will contain a general assortment of the most used items that are used for a particular species of target fish, such as snapper, bream or whiting. They can also be geared to a type of fishing, including saltwater and freshwater fishing. The complete fishing group can be directly used with a retaining rod. (In the fishing group, there are 8-shaped rings, wear-resistant sleeves, trigeminal joints, conical sleeves, circular diamond ring, double hook pins, rubber tips, vigorous horse soft thread, reinforcing hooks, silica gel tubes and iron pendants with rings).

Fishing tackle kit box - fishing tackle boxes - fishing-tackle-kit-box


  • The wear-resistant casing is mainly used to protect the mainline and avoid rubbing against stones and other objects at the bottom.
  • The trigeminal joint needs to be used with a conical sleeve to suspend the iron drop with a ring. When the iron drop is stuck by underwater debris, the iron drop can be pulled off from the trigeminal joint.
  • The circular diamond ring can insert the diamond end into the tail of the Trident so that the fishing group can be integrated.
  • The double hooks pin can be used to replace the subline conveniently.
  •  The rubber tip tube can protect the thread on the hook.
  • A small segment of silica gel tube cut into 2-3mm is used to hook up and adjust the hook tip state.
  • The hard bar is to prevent pellet bait from the fishing group off, to prevent the role.
  • Strong horse soft sub-line is softer and easier to knot than ordinary strong horse line. It is suitable for making sub-line. Subline length is generally about 15 cm.
  • Strengthened fishhook is thicker than ordinary fishhook, and its pulling force can reach four times that of an ordinary fishhook. 10# hook is equivalent to 12, 8# hook is equivalent to 13, 6# is equivalent to 14.

Fishing tackle kit box - fishing tackle boxes - fishing-tackle-kit-box

The Optima carp storehouse fishing pole/sea pole/pole throwing fishing method mainly consists of fishing section parts:
Series of accessories needed for fishing group matching.
1. Wear-resistant sleeve:         6. Rubber tip tube, silica gel tube
2. Conical Casing:                    7. Strong Horse Soft Subline
3. Trident Section:                   8. Hard Bar
4. Round diamond ring           9. Ring iron drop
5. Double Crochet pin             10. Strengthened hook

Fishing tackle kit box - fishing tackle boxes - fishing-tackle-kit-box