Fishing Net Copper Spring Shoal

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This fishing net with copper spring and luminous beads is a great accessory for night fishing. Put your bait in the copper spring, the net will float around the bait, easy to use. It is a helpful tackle in your fishing box.


  • Copper spring and nylon mesh net, durable to use.
  • The fish will be caught while it touches the net.
  • Copper spring is used to hold lures and attract more fishes.
  • Luminous beads will remind you to draw in the net when fishing at night.
  • Perfect for shoal fishing.


  • A:#3 for mesh size: 1.5×1.5cm
  • B:#4 for mesh size: 2x2cm
  • C:#5 for mesh size: 2.5×2.5cm
  • D:#6 for mesh size: 3x3cm
  • E:#7 for mesh size: 3.5×3.5cm
  • F:#8 for mesh size: 4x4cm
  • G:#9 for mesh size: 4.5×4.5cm
  • H:#10 for mesh size: 5x5cm
  • I:#11 for mesh size: 5.5×5.5cm
  • J:#12 for mesh size: 6x6cm
  • K:#13 for mesh size: 6.5×6.5cm
  • Material: Nylon
  • Size: The total length: about 90CM

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Fishing Net Copper Spring Shoal

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