Electric Drill and Accessories

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This unique kit allows you to engrave or decorate almost any surface in seconds, including metal, plastic, glass, ceramic, wood, leather, diamonds, stone, etc.




  • Easy to carry and fully functional: This engraving tool kit is durable enough to meet your requirements, making it easy to do complex work. The tool is small in size, easy to operate, compact, lightweight and versatile. This unit can be used in combination with a flexible shaft
  • Comfortable to use: The lightweight and compact pen design comfortably use precise engraving from thin to deep grooves. The ergonomic handle adds comfort.
  • The micro-rotation tool can be used for cutting, manicure, grinding, grinding, engraving, polishing, engraving, grinding, drilling or smoothing workpieces in any home improvement or production work. Therefore, it is suitable for metal, wood, plastic, model clay, jewellery and aluminium.
  • Multi-tool grinders can also be used to care for pet’s claws without the need for excessive use of hard materials.
  • Durable, quality-assured, easy to install.


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