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If you are tired of guessing whether your egg is ready, the EGG Timer is the perfect kitchen aid for you. 

Just the way you want it: Soft, Medium or Hard, The Egg Timer will tell you when the times are up. Add it to the water with the eggs and wait for the color to change, that simple! 

To make things easy, the EGG Timer comes with 3 lines that are used as a guide for soft, medium and hard eggs. As the white edges touch each line, it gives the user an indication of how well their eggs have been boiled.

Designed in a cute egg-shape 
Non-toxic and reusable 
Change color to show when eggs are ready 
Graduated scales-soft, medium or hard 
The egg timer can be cooled on the counter 

Do not immerse the egg timer in cold water. 

Material: Resin 
Color: Random 
Size:4.1cm x 5.7cm x 3.5cm /1.61 x 2.24x 1.38 inch.

Package Inclusion:
1 x Egg Timer 

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