Doughnut Maker

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Want an easy and fun way to make your own tasty doughnuts at home? This amazing Doughnut Maker allows you to make super tasty fried ring doughnuts with ease and they taste amazing.

The Donut Maker is a dough dispenser that is designed to make doughnuts, it’s fun, hassle-free and it makes the perfect ‘O’ every time. Simply mix the batter, heat the oil and squeeze the handle on the dispenser and you’ll have perfect fried doughnuts in minutes. 


  • Make tasty doughnuts within minutes
  • Easy to use 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Lightweight & durable
  • Material: ABS Plastic

Donuts recipe:

  • 350g flour, 35g sugar, 10g baking powder, one packet of vanilla sugar and 250ml water.
  • Combine all ingredients into a dough mix and fry the doughnuts ready in a little cooking oil.
  • Flavour your doughnuts with a variety of toppings: sugar and cinnamon, chopped nuts, powdered sugar, lemon icing or chocolate icing.