DIY Mechanical Pendulum Clock Kit

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Want to see the magic of how a clock works? This super cool DIY Mechanical Pendulum Clock Kit isn’t like any old boring clock, you build it from scratch, learning and putting together all the mechanical movements that make time tick!

If you have a passion for creating things from scratch then this kit is perfect for you. It makes an excellent gift for people of all ages. Simply follow the instructions and you’ll have a fully functioning clock that you can watch on with amazement as its mechanical features work like clockwork.

Diy Mechanical Pendulum Clock Kit


  • A clock you truly call your own – Using 170 laser precision cut out wood pieces, you get to build your own mechanical clock from scratch.
  • Beautiful time movement – As the pendulum swings, you get to observe the inner workings of how a clock operates through its gear movements.
  • True mechanical movement – Wind up the spring to get the pendulum swinging and time will begin ticking by, like an authentic mechanical clock.
  • Hours of fun – Makes a great hobby for everyone, young or old. Take the stresses off your daily hustle and unwind by winding up your mechanical clock.
  • No tools required – The pieces are designed such that they fit perfectly together.


  • Size: 6.9×3.3x10in (175x85x256mm)
  • Number of parts: 107

Diy Mechanical Pendulum Clock Kit

1000 in stock