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Gear up for game day any day of the week at your gaming computer desk or tv whenever you pull out this racing gaming chair. Designed to give you the ultimate gaming experience this computer game chair has a reclining back with adjustable lumbar support.


  • If you need support, you have a headrest pillow and lumbar pillow that are adjustable and can be removed by unsnapping while the adjustable pivot arms offer pressure relief from your upper body.
  • Gamers need ergonomic office chairs that’ll keep them comfortable for many hours and this reclining gaming chair with adjustable lumbar support will provide optimal support.
  • You’ll enjoy endless hours playing your favourite video games on this ergonomic pc chair.
  • Now, this is the way to get your game on, relaxed and reclined in your desired position. Whether you need to lean back just a little or a lot this adjustable back office chair has your back.

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