Blackhead Remover Nose Strip

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Deep Cleansing Blackhead Nose Strips are suitable for all skin types to thoroughly deep clean your nose. It gets rid of blackheads, acne, and open pores. Effectively cleans, smoothens and moisturizes your skin.
It comes in all-natural plant ingredients which are proven effective for oil control and acne treatments.


  •  Blackhead remover mask is using Aloe extracts that can easily remove pore-clogging dirt and extra oils, effectively preventing blackheads and tightening skin for a cleaner, clearer and more youthful appearance!
  •  Main Efficacy: Upgraded aloe vera formula peel-off nose mask has unique strong absorption and cleaning function, deep cleaning, remove blackhead and acne, shrinking pore. A new aloe blackhead remover peel off mask works deeply to get rid of blackheads, impurities, dirt and excess oil.
  •  Ingredients and effect: Portulaca oleracea, Hyaluronic acid, Aloe Extract. The acne removes mask contains hyaluronic acid which can replenish moisture the skin, also add aloe vera essence, with good absorbency, moisturizing effect, make skin looks more elastic and radiant.

  • Deep cleansing, blackhead removal, blemish remover, pore minimizer. This mask retains moisture leaving skin silky, smooth and radiant every day!
  • Unique Benefit: Compared with the general blackhead mask, these nose strips are gentler, can effectively remove blackheads, and will not harm the skin.
  • Easy to Carry: Blackhead remover mask is suitable for all kinds of skin, portable design is great for travel use, easy to carry, meet your anytime requirements. 


  • Apply on a dry and cleansed face (For dry skin type recommended to apply moisturizing lotion/toner before the mask)
  • Take an appropriate amount and spread evenly across the whole face or specific area of concern (avoiding eyes lips eyebrows area)
  • Wait for 15 to 30 minutes until the mask is completely dry
  • You can start peeling off the mask gently from the bottom slowly.


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