Black Stainless Steel Wall Hanging Dish Rack

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According to the assembly flow chart that comes with the packaging in just 15 minutes, first, assemble two horizontal poles according to the width of the sink, and then the twp horizontal rods and the left bracket are assembled and Tighten with screws. The right bracket is assembled in the same way. Put the assembled shelf on the sink stand, and then hang all the accessories to use.

Helps free up a lot of counter space. The set includes 1 dish rack, 1 bowl rack, 1 knife holder, 1 fruit & vegetable basket, 1 chopping board rack which could be pot cover holder, 1 square basket which could be detergent holder, 1 cutlery holder/chopsticks cage, and 5 hooks. All these parts could be adjustable and removable thus you could DIY according to your preference.


  • Movable layer spacing: Place the dish rack or bowl rack in a reasonable position based on the height of the items you have placed., which is very convenient. Dish,bowl, Tableware, plates and cups can be placed.
  • Easy to Clean: Junyuan Dish Drying Rack designed to hang on to the mounting seat by means of a slot. It is very convenient for you to remove the shelf and clean it at any time., can hold dishes, plates, and cups.
  • Easy to Drain: Keep he Countertop clean and tidy, Junyuan dish drying rack drying stand is equipped with a separate plastic water tray for pouring water out of the dish at any time, suitable for kitchen.
  • Easy to Mount: All the mounting screws and fixings included. Easily to install with instructions, won’t shake around if you install properly.
  • Black Coating and Durable: The Dish Rack are all made of stainless steel, black coating on the surface to effectively enhance rust and corrosion resistance, avoid the damage of acids and to ensure long-lasting durability.


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Colour: Black
  • Size: 41.2 X 26.6 X 40.5cm, 41.2 X 26.6 X 55.5cm 

Package Includes:

  • 1X Black Stainless Steel  Wall Hanging Dish Rack