Bike Seat Shock Absorber

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Have you ever come across a comfortable bike seat? Let’s face it…they’re just not made to be comfy. Whether you use your bike for commuting to work or you’re more of a passionate road or mountain biker, you’ll know the aches and pains all too well.  This amazing Bike Seat Shock Absorber will cushion you from all the bumps that all bikers endure.

Simple to install, the Bike Seat Shock Absorber is fully adjustable to suit you and your bikes needs and is easy to switch between sport and city riding positions. The innovative design absorbs shocks in three dimensions so you can ride in luxuries comfort on any surface. We can’t make bumps in the road disappear, but we can definitely eliminate the feel of them.


  • Prevents injuries and aches
  • Easy to install
  • Fully adjustable to suit your needs
  • Fits all bike seats
  • Ride in comfort


  • Material: Alloy Spring Steel