Battery Storage Box Case

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These specially designed custom battery storage boxes will keep your batteries organized.

It can be stored flat in a drawer or mounted on a wall or inside a closet. Mounting hardware is included. Just simply insert the correct battery size into the appropriate storage slot for the size battery. 

The battery tester is located on the upper left-hand side. Grasp the battery tester and slide up to remove. Check battery power as indicated below. Replace battery tester making sure to slide the tester into the slots on the organizer to keep it secured in place. 


  • 1 test battery power
  • 2 pack batteries
  • A total of 72 batteries can be installed breakdown is:
  • 8 for D type battery
  • 10 for C type battery
  • 9 for 9V battery
  • 26 for AA battery
  • 10 for AAA battery
  • 6 for CR battery
  • 3 for AG battery

Product Specification:

  • Size: 30*16.5*3.5cm

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