Bathroom Magnetic Cleaning Brush

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You probably think that a good toilet brush and holder is the last thing to think about when decorating a bathroom; but, it’s actually an essential part of it because it determines practicality and hygiene. Toilet brush holder may just simply rest to the side of your toilet but it gets the most attention especially when you have guests in the house. The Magnetic Cleaning Brush will surely surprise you and your guests in many different ways – it’s innovativestylishsanitary and convenient to use. It’ll compliment your bathroom design because it comes in neutral colours but more importantly, it is sturdy and bathroom cleaning brush cleans your toilet properly.


  • Magnetic toilet brush keeps your toilet beautiful and flawless.
  • Compact, lightweight, easy to brush head and has a perfect design for easy toilet cleaning.
  •  Permanent magnet absorption suspended design 
  • Thick bristles, high friction, strong detergency
  • No need to wipe it because it can completely discharge water, minimize dripping, and keep the toilet brush clean which is hygienic
  • Has an ergonomic non-slip handle design that prevents dirty water from getting on your hand. With handle, it is more convenient to move and clean.
  • The brush doesn’t rest on the stand but hangs from it which creates an airflow on the bristles keeping it dry and sanitary.


  • Colour: white / gray
  • Size: Toilet brush size – 7x35cm
  • Toilet brush base size – 13.9x10x42cm
  • Weight: 0.34kg
  • Material: PP+ Magnet