Anti Slip Electric Drill Screw Driver Set

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Tired of wobbling screws preventing you from accurately drilling?

With our Magnetic Driver Drill Set,  drilling work doesn’t have to be this complicated anymore!

Never Fall Your Screws Again! Compatible with both power bits and screwdrivers, the Magnet Driver Drill Set is the perfect addition to your tool kit. Helping to keep your screws straight and in place, you can easily use one hand to get the job done. Rare-earth magnets provide the strength necessary to ensure your screw stays where it needs to be.

The Magnet Driver is here to make your life and your job easier! This hardened shaft is engineered to resist corrosion and to ensure long-lasting durability, which is perfect to use in all your heavy-duty screwing works.


  • Automatically sets screws to the proper depth in drywall
    Depth stop design can limit screw penetration and damage to the board.
  • Heat-treated to resist breakage wear, to control depth of screw during driving applications.
  • Versatile use: Designed to withstand the toughest job site conditions and is engineered to exceed the expectations of homebuilders.
  • Strong magnetic: Set your screw straight all the time, helping to prevent cross-threading
  • Fast and straight: Save you a great amount of time and energy by quickly drilling screws
  • Colour coded: Easily identified colours allow you to find the proper size with ease
  • Long-lasting and resist all kinds of job
  • Made of durable material. Easy to install the drywall screws.


  • Material: S2 (tool steel), magnetic
  • Colour: Yellow / Blue / Purple / Green
  • Shank: approx. 1/4″ hex shank
  • Shank diameter: approx. 1/4″
  • Total length: approx. 65mm

Package Includes:

  • 5pcs x screwdriver bit

Anti slip electric drill screw driver set - screwdriver - anti-slip-electric-drill-screw-driver-set