Anti-Dye Laundry Paper Pack

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Separating your washing isn’t convenient and can get costly with the extra loads.  Wouldn’t life be so much easier if you could bundle all your washing in the machine together and not worry about them coming out a different colour? With this super simple invention you can do just that!

The amazing Anti-Dye Laundry Paper Pack allows mixed laundry loads in one wash saving mums around the globe time & money from the extra loads. With cellular nano technology, it traps loose dyes in your wash water to solve mutual clothing dyeing and preserve original colours. 

These sheets are ideal for washing loads containing dark and bright coloured items with quick absorption of loose dyes released during washing.


  • Allows you to wash multiple coloured clothes in one wash
  • Locks colours and prevents discolouration
  • Effective absorption of loose dyes to avoid mutual dyeing
  • Saves water, electricity and time
  • Keeps clothes clean and bright
  • Workable in all water temperatures


  • MateColour Cotton
  • Color: White
  • Size: 25cm x 11cm
  • Net Weight: 60g