2-in-1 Anti Snoring & Air Purifier

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  • Soft, comfortable silicone engineered to stay firmly in the nostril, forming a perfect seal without the need for straps, no hurt to the nostril.
  • These Nose Vents Are Made of 100% Medical Grade Silicone that is Soft and Comfortable to Sleep with.
  • Effective relieve snoring, improve quality of sleep.
  • Clean air, filtered air of harmful gases and dust.
  • Insist on using can effectively alleviate asthma.
  • Good quality and easy to wear.
  • Apply in any situation, indoor, outdoor, hotels, aeroplanes, etc.

Liberate yourself from everyday snoring and become more productive at work.

Snoring may disturb sleep for the snorer and the people around them, causing daytime sleepiness, reduced mental alertness and relationship issues. Our Anti-Snoring Nose Vents are designed to eliminate snoring fast and simple.

These nose vents are inserted into your nose and help you breathe through your nose. They are an anti-snoring aid that is used to dilate your nostrils, and in turn, help you breathe more soundly as you sleep. They were created to reduce nasal congestion and blockage as you sleep.

With superior silicone material as well as delicate workmanship, our device is lightweight, safe and durable.

Whether you are struggling to sleep because of your snoring or whether it is due to a partner’s snoring, it is important to take action.

These anti-snoring devices provide an easy but effective means of reducing snoring, which in turn equates to quality sleep.

The main benefit is improved breathing & a better night sleep, but our vents also help to reduce the symptoms of dry mouth, sore throat & headache.

This device was made with your comfort in mind. It was uniquely designed to be easy for you to wear.

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