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Connecting your new smartwatch with your iPhone

Connecting the K88H smartwatch with your iPhone.

Compared with Android devices, the steps are slightly more complicated. We have also included both Android & iOS videos below.

Step 1. Search for the "Fundo Wear" app in the Apple store, download and install it on your iPhone.

Step 2. Enter the "Settings" interface to launch the Bluetooth function or slide the shortcut menu from the bottom to quickly open the Bluetooth feature. 


Step 3. The Bluetooth will automatically search for available devices around you, tap "K88H" to connect the watch and iPhone.

A notification will pop up asking for access authorization. Tap OK to grant it and continue.


Step 4. Open the Fundo Wear app on your iPhone, tap the "+" icon, you will see a pink Bluetooth option, tap it.


Step 5. Once you enter the Bluetooth Search interface, tap the "Start Search" button to search for the K88H watch and pair together. You will get a hint confirming the watch has connected.


Note: On the iPhone, you need to connect the K88H to phone's Bluetooth and with the app's Bluetooth tofully complete the connection.

Step 6. Log in to your account using your Facebook or Twitter account. Or just register a new account.

Then you can use the "Sync Data" function to upload new date from your watch to your iPhone. It's as easy as that!