You got yourself hooked up with a new pair of wheels.

Great! Chances are you’re very happy with what you’ve got, and we are too. Congrats on your new ride!


Even though your new ride already makes you happy, there is probably room for improvement and you can definitely make your car the greatest one on the block.

Check out these useful and handy products we’ve compiled so your car will stand out and be the best for comfort and style. Plus, you will no longer forget where your ride is in the car park!

1. LED Car Wing Lights

    All we can say is, WOW.

    These cast a cool wing effect on the ground as you ride along. Gone are the days of that underglow stuff-this lends a cool celestial vibe to your car.

    Simply attach it to the underside of your car, light it up and drive around. Your friends and neighbors will wonder where in the world you got them, and also wonder how your car got to be so cool.

    They can be changed into a number of different colors, so pick your favorite. They’re favorably rated by over a thousand happy buyers…so get going! 

    LED Car Wing Lights
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    2. Windshield Microfiber Cleaner

    Don’t want to wait for the car defroster to take effect on chilly mornings?  

    Do fingerprints or other debris manage to find their way onto your windshield?

    Don’t fret any longer.

    This lovely microfiber cleaner will keep everything tidy and easy to see out of. You don’t need to haul a spray bottle loaded with cleaner out to the car every time it’s ready to be cleaned. You can just use regular tap water to clean the windshield with ease. Don’t worry about reaching those hard to grasp spots on the windshield. This cool tool has a nice long handle that makes it a breeze for all of us to keep it clean.

     Essential Car Accessories For Your New Car In 2019

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    3. Mini Car Refrigerator

    If you would like to keep drinks and other small foods cold while you ride, this is the way to go. This is especially great if you have kids that need their foods or even certain medications kept cold. It is a nice and easy to carry fridge, that can keep six cans cold while you ride along.

    It is a nice little luxury item to keep for yourself or even give to a friend. It even has a shoulder strap, so you can carry it with you when it’s time to get out and go to the park, show or sporting event.

    Car cooler

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    4. Seatbelt Cushion for Kids

    If you have kids, chances are they are always tucking their seatbelt behind their backs because it digs into their necks. This is not safe, and they need to keep their belts across the chest.

    Kids always fall asleep in the car (thank goodness, it’s a small slice of peace for parents) and you should keep them comfortable, so they stay asleep longer, get more rest as you drive, and be quiet for just a little longer so you can regain some sanity.

    It’s not easy to be a parent! This cool cushion comes in some great colors that are fun for boys and girls alike. It would make a nice gift for a niece or nephew, too.

    Essential Car Accessories For Your New Car In 2019

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    5. Car Sticker LED Rhythm Flash Light

    If there’s anything more fun than bumping cool tunes in your car after work or on the way to a family party with the windows rolled down, we would love to know.

    Okay, maybe we answered our own question. This cool sticker flashes cool lights in time to your music. It will keep you entertained as you ride along and make your guests feel like they are riding a party bus.

    Music Rhythm LED Flash Light Lamp

    You can use the adhesive to stick it anywhere in the car, and the cigarette lighter will provide the power needed to run this cool little accessory. The pretty colors will even keep kids entertained as they ride along and listen to the music.

    Sound Activated Equalizer

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    6. Anti Skid Chains

    Those icy conditions are going to creep up on you whether you like it or not.

    Don’t get caught red handed with no protection. You cannot count on the salt and plow trucks to always come through. If you have to travel, be ready with these great chains.

    They have small dots that crush the ice. They can stretch to fit over just about any tire you have. There are even easy to follow instructions, so you get them on the first time, every time.

    snow chains

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    7. 25 in 1 Toolkit Light

     If you travel a lot, even if you only travel a little, keep this toolkit in your car so you always have a way to see in case you need it.

    Heaven forbid your car breaks down and you have no light, or the battery dies-this will be a lifesaver. The kit includes a little drill and some sockets of varying sizes, so you can change a tire. It’s compact and will fit in the boot or just ride in the back seat.

    Essential Car Accessories For Your New Car In 2019

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    7. Car Seat Hook

    Got a bag or purse that you don’t want riding on the floor?

    Got a special purchase like soft bread or another item that cannot go onto the floor?

    Hang it up using this cool car seat hook. It’s great for diaper bags too or even kids’ backpacks on the way to school or granny’s house.

    Put holiday gift bags on there too so they don’t get wrinkled on the way to the Christmas party. It’s just a nice way to keep the car clean and organized.

    Essential Car Accessories For Your New Car In 2019

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    8. Car Dent Suction Puller

    Oh no! Did your car get a ding in the car park?

    Did a trolley hit the car whilst you were shopping?

    Don’t worry about it. Get this cool dent puller and just pull it out yourself. It may not work on the big dings, but the small ones don’t need much. Just activate the suction using the easy instructions and pull. Watch the dent come out with ease.

    dent reoair

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    Your new ride should make you feel excited about driving! With these cool accessories, it is super easy to customize your ride and make it safe and fun for all. Get hold of these great products and enjoy a safer commute today.