With the advent of the Internet, photography has become more popular than ever.
People use social media to post the lovely moments they’ve captured using their
Canons and Nikon’s.

Perhaps you know a professional photographer, or even used one to capture your most happy moments-a wedding, a milestone birthday, a lovely family holiday moment. Reward that special photographer-even if it’s yourself-with one of these epic mugs!

1. Stainless Steel Camera Lens Mug with Lid

People who know about cameras will really love this mug. It is shaped to look and feel like a real-life camera lens. It comes with a nice cover lid to keep coffee and hot chocolate nice and warm. Nothing will get inside as the lid is airtight. Conversely, you can also put ice water in here and it will stay cool. It won’t sweat, either.

The lens is styled with numbers and measurements just like a real camera lens. Those who are heavily into photography or those who are actual professionals will really appreciate the construction and care that has been put into the creation of this cool mug. The attention to detail is simply stunning, and it is functional too.

It really and truly looks just like a hollowed-out EF24-105mm lens! Some might even wonder if that’s actually what it is (we can assure you it is not). It comes in two different colors to suit whomever is the lucky recipient! For added fun, lay it down on its side so it looks like a real lens. Your friends will get a kick out of it for sure.

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2. “I Shoot People” Mug

Okay, do not be alarmed by the phrasing on this mug. We promise you can take it out in the world and nobody will hide from you, thanks to the nice sketch of the lovely Pentax camera on this nice stoneware mug. It looks so cute and retro-it would fit nicely in the hands of somebody who love old stuff or is a hipster for that matter.

And of course, it is nice for those of you who love Pentax or shooting photos of people, animals, buildings or whatever inspires you!

It is a nice 8-ounce mug that will be perfect for sipping coffee on a Sunday morning or relaxing with the news before it’s time to shower and go to work. Even kids will love it as they can see what an old camera looked like. It comes in white and will match any kitchen.

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3. Oh Snap! Mug

Here is a nice 11-ounce mug that will hold even more coffee so you can fuel your
adventures with ease. This is made of good quality ceramic and is just great for those of you who are girly and love to take photos. Gents, you can use this too if you like pretty flowers on your mugs!

It features the popular phrase “Oh Snap!” and some lovely watercolor-esque flowers. This mug will look great on the kitchen counter or even as your work mug when it’s time to refill the joe. Use it to tell others about your wonderful hobby and maybe you can even show off some of your work!

You can microwave it with no worry and also put it in your dishwasher for easy cleanup. The colors are bright and cheerful in their nature. Even if you do not care so much for taking photos and just enjoy silly puns or plays on words, this mug will serve you well.

Any number of your photographer friends will most definitely enjoy the lovely graphic with an old-school camera, flowers and modern typeface.

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4. “Warning Known To Snap” Mug

If you have a volatile personality, perhaps you need this mug…and maybe a hug. All jokes aside, this is actually a great mug for photographers who never miss a beat. You know, the ones that take their camera with them even on the most mundane of days for fear of missing a great shot.

After all, you have to wait and be patient for the right shot, or you can even capture it when you didn’t even mean to. Therefore, you can snap at any time!

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These mugs are just perfect for any photographer. Even if it’s a just because gift for yourself, you will really enjoy drinking out of these mugs for the sheer joy of showing the whole world your fun and exciting hobby.

Moreover, they are fun for even the most amateur of photographers in your life. Pick your favourite and enjoy. Besides, you need coffee to make sure you are alert and ready to capture all the moments you can.