With the advent of the Internet, photography has become more popular than ever.
People use social media to post the lovely moments they’ve captured using their
Canons and Nikon’s.

Perhaps you know a professional photographer, or even used one to capture your most happy moments-a wedding, a milestone birthday, a lovely family holiday moment. Reward that special photographer-even if it’s yourself-with one of these epic mugs!

1. Stainless Steel Camera Lens Mug with Lid

People who know about cameras will really love this mug. It is shaped to look and feel like a real-life camera lens. It comes with a nice cover lid to keep coffee and hot chocolate nice and warm. Nothing will get inside as the lid is airtight. Conversely, you can also put ice water in here and it will stay cool. It won’t sweat, either.

The lens is styled with numbers and measurements just like a real camera lens. Those who are heavily into photography or those who are actual professionals will really appreciate the construction and care that has been put into the creation of this cool mug. The attention to detail is simply stunning, and it is functional too.

It really and truly looks just like a hollowed-out EF24-105mm lens! Some might even wonder if that’s actually what it is (we can assure you it is not). It comes in two different colors to suit whomever is the lucky recipient! For added fun, lay it down on its side so it looks like a real lens. Your friends will get a kick out of it for sure.

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2. “I Shoot People” Mug

Okay, do not be alarmed by the phrasing on this mug. We promise you can take it out in the world and nobody will hide from you, thanks to the nice sketch of the lovely Pentax camera on this nice stoneware mug. It looks so cute and retro-it would fit nicely in the hands of somebody who love old stuff or is a hipster for that matter.

And of course, it is nice for those of you who love Pentax or shooting photos of people, animals, buildings or whatever inspires you!

It is a nice 8-ounce mug that will be perfect for sipping coffee on a Sunday morning or relaxing with the news before it’s time to shower and go to work. Even kids will love it as they can see what an old camera looked like. It comes in white and will match any kitchen.

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3. Oh Snap! Mug

Here is a nice 11-ounce mug that will hold even more coffee so you can fuel your
adventures with ease. This is made of good quality ceramic and is just great for those of you who are girly and love to take photos. Gents, you can use this too if you like pretty flowers on your mugs!

It features the popular phrase “Oh Snap!” and some lovely watercolor-esque flowers. This mug will look great on the kitchen counter or even as your work mug when it’s time to refill the joe. Use it to tell others about your wonderful hobby and maybe you can even show off some of your work!

You can microwave it with no worry and also put it in your dishwasher for easy cleanup. The colors are bright and cheerful in their nature. Even if you do not care so much for taking photos and just enjoy silly puns or plays on words, this mug will serve you well.

Any number of your photographer friends will most definitely enjoy the lovely graphic with an old-school camera, flowers and modern typeface.

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4. “Warning Known To Snap” Mug

If you have a volatile personality, perhaps you need this mug…and maybe a hug. All jokes aside, this is actually a great mug for photographers who never miss a beat. You know, the ones that take their camera with them even on the most mundane of days for fear of missing a great shot.

After all, you have to wait and be patient for the right shot, or you can even capture it when you didn’t even mean to. Therefore, you can snap at any time!

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These mugs are just perfect for any photographer. Even if it’s a just because gift for yourself, you will really enjoy drinking out of these mugs for the sheer joy of showing the whole world your fun and exciting hobby.

Moreover, they are fun for even the most amateur of photographers in your life. Pick your favourite and enjoy. Besides, you need coffee to make sure you are alert and ready to capture all the moments you can.

If you want to do a job right, you need to measure everything twice and cut once. There is no room for error. And to measure it right the first time means having a laser measure that will not fail you, costing you a ton of money or even messing up the entire project.

Trust us when we say you should pick up one of these great tools to make sure the job is done right the first time, every time. There will be no second-guessing or demerits from the boss with these tools.

1. Smart Laser Measuring Tape

Traditional measuring tapes are not the easiest thing in the world to use. Sure, your dad might tell you to get tough and just use it, but suppose that thing gets unlocked and comes flying back at you? Yikes! Plus, we are all human and bound to make mistakes in reading the marks. This laser measuring tape makes it safe to work alone with no fear of a traditional tape snapping back at you or misreading the marks because you cannot see it.

All you need to do for accurate and easy measuring is point the laser at your target, and the device will show you the measurements on its digital readout. The LCD screen is easy to read. You can move the device back and forth to modify the readings. You can switch between units, so if you need the metric or imperial system, you can just click a button and get it. It’s great for anybody anywhere in the world!

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2. Laser Level Tape Measure

Going to hang up a photo or art piece? How about a cute kid drawing from your child? Or, want to hang up a wall sculpture or shelf? No worries here! We have you covered with this great laser level tape measure. You can even use it to lay down some flooring, hang up some wallpaper and so much more.

The tape measure in this is an 8-foot measure that will cover you for both imperial and metric linear measurements. It goes down to 1/32 and 1 mm for the most accurate down to the wire measurements. You will never have to second guess how big or small to cut something or hang up a photo with ease.

It will definitely make your home improvement wall projects much easier. You will like the on/off power switch for the laser, and it will make sure that all jobs are completed with straight lines. Nobody will stand back and tell you, “Oh, that frame is off-center!” It’s got all you need, a laser level, a bubble level, and a standard tape measure. Carry fewer tools and get more done, that’s a winner!

Best Laser Measuring Tapes On The Market in 2019

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3. 3 in 1 Digital Tape Measure

Like the look and feel of a regular everyday tape measure but want the convenience of a laser measurer? Then look no further. This is no ordinary tape measure-rather it is one that can measure any and all objects you put it up against. It will measure anything you need faster, easier, and just as accurately as an old-fashioned tape measure.

Your supervisor or boss will be pleased with how fast you measure the circumference of something by simply rolling the measure around the surface. If you are the supervisor or boss, get a few of these for your employees along with some bonuses (okay, kidding, but they will make great workplace tools). Use it at home too-great for household carpentry and home improvement projects as well as simple tasks like hanging up photos and pictures.

You Can Choose Three Modes on This Tape Measure:

  1. Laser Position Mode-You can measure a large area just by using a laser-great for those really wide rooms, or elongated hallways.
  2. Rolling Track Mode-You can measure curved surfaces and objects that are curved and oddly shaped just by rolling the device over the surface! Get up to 999 inches with it.
  3. Line Tape Mode-You can make all the standard measurements using this mode. Just pull out the measuring tape and do what you need to do. This is also good if you need to measure your body for clothing, a bicycle, etc.

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Grab hold of one of these great tape measures so you don’t have to guess at where something should go. It’s an easy-just point and shoot!

If you can take a picture, you can easily measure something. It makes a nice tool for use at work or even in the home. You can pick one up for your favorite handyman or woman, or even as a great ‘just because of’ gift.

If you want to make an impact at your next party, Halloween celebration, or even family get together, try doing it by wearing one of these crazy fun piggy-back costumes.

You simply put on the costume, and then you look like you’re being carried by any of these funny mascots. Whether it’s a certain USA president or even a cute sloth, you can’t go wrong with these.

Get ready to bring the laughs.


1. Ride on Trump Costume

Do you love to follow what’s going on in the office and Twitter account of USA President Donald Trump? Do you ever wish he would support YOU personally instead of whatever candidate he is rallying for? If so, your wish is going to come true! Whether you are a fan of The Donald or don’t particularly care for the guy, this costume is going to make anybody laugh no matter what they believe in.

Picture yourself dancing with it. Then it becomes even funnier. Wear it to a family get together for some laughs or even to some outdoor festival. It might generate some controversy, but ultimately it should get everybody laughing. You simply put the costume on and go.

It’s great for Halloween, as you do not need any special clothing or shoes to wear it. It’s ventilated too, so you won’t sweat. It’s made of durable nylon and is of great quality. Consider bringing along a little American flag for added fun, or perhaps a red hat. ‘Merica!

 Best Piggy Back Costumes For 2019

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2. Ride on Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

Are you a Jurassic Park fan? Do you just love dinos in general, especially a T Rex? Okay, want to ride one? Sure, you do! This dino costume will make kids and adults hoot and holler with laughter. It’s pretty funny, and you can wear this one pretty much anywhere and you will get people laughing about it. It would be extra fun if you wore it to a birthday party-think of all the guests that would be laughing and even amazed about the costume.

Wearing it to a work Halloween party for even more fun. It uses a battery-operated fan to inflate and keep you cool. You won’t break a sweat wearing this thing. It even comes in kids and adult sizes, so you and the little ones can be a whole army of dino riders if you really want to! Put a cowboy hat on to make it even more memorable.

The kid height goes from 100 cm to 140 cm, and the adult sizes go from 150 to 200 cm.

Best Piggy Back Costumes For 2019

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3. Ride on Sloth Costume

Sloths are super cute. Many of us can identify with a sloth, how they move so slowly and act super lazy. Truth be told, they are very popular, and this costume is no exception. This adorable little sloth will make a great companion and wingman/wing-woman at any party or get together. It’s made of good quality material and appears with a furry texture for added fun and comfort.

It is designed to be very comfortable, and one size will fit most wearers. You can walk really slow with this guy for a funny effect or make it ironic by running with him. The costume is very cute and is sure to make all your guests or coworkers crack a smile. It’ll be one you will love to bring out year after year.

The sloth will make any party into a fun, chill place to be by bringing in some humour. It’s family friendly and appropriate to wear anywhere. It’s so easy to wear, just put it on and get ready for fun.

Best Piggy Back Costumes For 2019

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4. Cuddly Bear Ride on Costume

Everybody loves teddy bears. Everybody has a favourite cute teddy bear from when they were kids! This cute costume is going to bring back tons of fun memories and get everybody laughing. It’s very adorable and works great for men or women.

It is an adorable, family-friendly costume that will get smiles and laughs out of
everybody. The costume is durable and made of great quality materials that will stand up to whatever the day throws at you-walking, dancing, you name it.

It’s soft and fuzzy yet ventilated so you will not get hot and sweaty in it all night. If you ever wanted to wrestle a bear or just have one as a pet, here is your chance. Best of all he won’t get hungry or try to bite you. All you have to do is put on this costume and your family, friends or fellow party goers will love it. One idea: dress up as Goldilocks from the fairy tale so you can really show those bears who’s boss!

Best Piggy Back Costumes For 2019

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5. Ride on Alien Costume

If you are one of those people who wants to be abducted by aliens in hopes of making friends with ET or some other interstellar creature, consider getting this crazy costume. This costume looks great anywhere, the dance floor, that UFO ride at the amusement park, Roswell New Mexico, or Area 51. (Just kidding, don’t go to the last one).

In all seriousness, everybody will love your new alien buddy. He is not weird or
threatening, he definitely comes in peace.

One thing to keep in mind is that this particular costume features a self-stuff build. That means to give it the puffed outlook you see in the picture, you should stuff it with old newspaper, towels, whatever you can find.

The quality still stands, however-it’s made of comfortable polyester. Wearing this all day will not be an issue, and one size will fit most wearers. If you just want to have a time that is out of this world and get people to notice you in a really big way, this one is definitely the way to go!

Best Piggy Back Costumes For 2019

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These funny costumes are just perfect to lighten the mood and get you noticed. Wear one to a costume contest-you might do really well! No matter what happens, they are fun and easy to wear and get people to crack smiles for sure. Plus, they’re not scary and great for family parties.

You got yourself hooked up with a new pair of wheels.

Great! Chances are you’re very happy with what you’ve got, and we are too. Congrats on your new ride!


Even though your new ride already makes you happy, there is probably room for improvement and you can definitely make your car the greatest one on the block.

Check out these useful and handy products we’ve compiled so your car will stand out and be the best for comfort and style. Plus, you will no longer forget where your ride is in the car park!

1. LED Car Wing Lights

    All we can say is, WOW.

    These cast a cool wing effect on the ground as you ride along. Gone are the days of that underglow stuff-this lends a cool celestial vibe to your car.

    Simply attach it to the underside of your car, light it up and drive around. Your friends and neighbors will wonder where in the world you got them, and also wonder how your car got to be so cool.

    They can be changed into a number of different colors, so pick your favorite. They’re favorably rated by over a thousand happy buyers…so get going! 

    LED Car Wing Lights
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    2. Windshield Microfiber Cleaner

    Don’t want to wait for the car defroster to take effect on chilly mornings?  

    Do fingerprints or other debris manage to find their way onto your windshield?

    Don’t fret any longer.

    This lovely microfiber cleaner will keep everything tidy and easy to see out of. You don’t need to haul a spray bottle loaded with cleaner out to the car every time it’s ready to be cleaned. You can just use regular tap water to clean the windshield with ease. Don’t worry about reaching those hard to grasp spots on the windshield. This cool tool has a nice long handle that makes it a breeze for all of us to keep it clean.

     Essential Car Accessories For Your New Car In 2019

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    3. Mini Car Refrigerator

    If you would like to keep drinks and other small foods cold while you ride, this is the way to go. This is especially great if you have kids that need their foods or even certain medications kept cold. It is a nice and easy to carry fridge, that can keep six cans cold while you ride along.

    It is a nice little luxury item to keep for yourself or even give to a friend. It even has a shoulder strap, so you can carry it with you when it’s time to get out and go to the park, show or sporting event.

    Car cooler

    Buy one now: 

    4. Seatbelt Cushion for Kids

    If you have kids, chances are they are always tucking their seatbelt behind their backs because it digs into their necks. This is not safe, and they need to keep their belts across the chest.

    Kids always fall asleep in the car (thank goodness, it’s a small slice of peace for parents) and you should keep them comfortable, so they stay asleep longer, get more rest as you drive, and be quiet for just a little longer so you can regain some sanity.

    It’s not easy to be a parent! This cool cushion comes in some great colors that are fun for boys and girls alike. It would make a nice gift for a niece or nephew, too.

    Essential Car Accessories For Your New Car In 2019

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    5. Car Sticker LED Rhythm Flash Light

    If there’s anything more fun than bumping cool tunes in your car after work or on the way to a family party with the windows rolled down, we would love to know.

    Okay, maybe we answered our own question. This cool sticker flashes cool lights in time to your music. It will keep you entertained as you ride along and make your guests feel like they are riding a party bus.

    Music Rhythm LED Flash Light Lamp

    You can use the adhesive to stick it anywhere in the car, and the cigarette lighter will provide the power needed to run this cool little accessory. The pretty colors will even keep kids entertained as they ride along and listen to the music.

    Sound Activated Equalizer

    Buy one now: 

    6. Anti Skid Chains

    Those icy conditions are going to creep up on you whether you like it or not.

    Don’t get caught red handed with no protection. You cannot count on the salt and plow trucks to always come through. If you have to travel, be ready with these great chains.

    They have small dots that crush the ice. They can stretch to fit over just about any tire you have. There are even easy to follow instructions, so you get them on the first time, every time.

    snow chains

    Buy one now: 

    7. 25 in 1 Toolkit Light

     If you travel a lot, even if you only travel a little, keep this toolkit in your car so you always have a way to see in case you need it.

    Heaven forbid your car breaks down and you have no light, or the battery dies-this will be a lifesaver. The kit includes a little drill and some sockets of varying sizes, so you can change a tire. It’s compact and will fit in the boot or just ride in the back seat.

    Essential Car Accessories For Your New Car In 2019

    Buy one now: 

    7. Car Seat Hook

    Got a bag or purse that you don’t want riding on the floor?

    Got a special purchase like soft bread or another item that cannot go onto the floor?

    Hang it up using this cool car seat hook. It’s great for diaper bags too or even kids’ backpacks on the way to school or granny’s house.

    Put holiday gift bags on there too so they don’t get wrinkled on the way to the Christmas party. It’s just a nice way to keep the car clean and organized.

    Essential Car Accessories For Your New Car In 2019

    Buy one now: 

    8. Car Dent Suction Puller

    Oh no! Did your car get a ding in the car park?

    Did a trolley hit the car whilst you were shopping?

    Don’t worry about it. Get this cool dent puller and just pull it out yourself. It may not work on the big dings, but the small ones don’t need much. Just activate the suction using the easy instructions and pull. Watch the dent come out with ease.

    dent reoair

    Buy one now: 


    Your new ride should make you feel excited about driving! With these cool accessories, it is super easy to customize your ride and make it safe and fun for all. Get hold of these great products and enjoy a safer commute today.

    Are you aware of what goes on at your home when you are away, whether at work or out shopping to pick up groceries for tonight’s dinner? If you would like to keep an eye on the activities at home, such as when you have a babysitter looking after your baby or perhaps a pet or two at home, and you want to ensure they are safe, then a secret camera might be a great option for you. These cameras can also become handy in terms of detecting burglars who are entering your home and robbing you – when you notice such activities, and you would be able to take appropriate action and call the authorities. This way, you have a much greater chance of authorities catching the thieves red-handed.

    Thanks to advancements in technology, there is no need to install CCTV cameras or other advanced systems if you wish to keep an eye on what is going on at home anymore. Many companies have introduced smaller options, often referred to as “secret cameras,’ that can be placed virtually anywhere and then monitored from a computer or your mobile device.

    The Best Secret Cameras On The Market

    We’ve seen a relatively large number of secret cameras pop up on the market lately. For many people, buying one of these cameras is becoming harder – as more options become available, you might find that you are not sure which camera would be best for your home.

    After we looked at various options that you can choose from, we found that some of these products are truly better than the others. Below, we list three of the best secret cameras for the home that you can choose from in order to have better security and to ensure you can always check in to see what is going on back home.

    1. Super Mini WiFi HD Camera

    First up is the Super Mini WiFi HD Camera from iWantZone, one of the most portable options that we were able to find available at the moment. This camera comes in the form of a small, round object, with an HD lens installed. The HD lens can help to transmit images in a high resolution for crystal clear quality. The secret camera is surprisingly affordable and measures only four centimeters
    in diameter.

    With the iWantZone Super Mini WiFi HD Camera, you get the opportunity to keep your home secure by giving yourself the chance to check in on your home from anywhere, and at any time. You also get the ability to record video with the device, which means you will often find that some of the greatest moments in your life may be captured by the iWantZone Super Mini WiFi HD Camera.

    You can connect to this secret camera remotely, as it connects to your home’s wireless network connection. The manufacturer has an easy-to-use app that is compatible with Android and Apple smartphones. Once connected, you can get a live feed of the camera’s view. The camera also features night vision, which ensures you are able to continue keeping an eye on your house even when the lights are out.

    Another added security feature would be the motion detector. Whenever the camera detects motion in a close range, then it will automatically start to record video.

    The iWantZone Super Mini WiFi HD Camera is compatible with SD memory cards. You can place a memory card with an internal storage capacity of up to 64GB in the camera, which will be used to store recorded video on. The loop-cycle recording feature ensures that the oldest video files stored on the memory card will be deleted as storage becomes full.

    Buy one now: 

    2. Micro HD Video Camera

    Another great option for those looking to add a secret camera to their home with a low profile is the Micro HD Video Camera, also from iWantZone. This one is also extremely small and can be installed anywhere in your home. The price is a little higher than the previous one. The camera is compatible with memory cards of up to 32GB. You can choose to buy the camera with or without a bundled memory card.

    The iWantZone Micro HD Video Camera contains a special IR-CUT technology that ensures night vision is automatically turned on or off according to the ambiance of the environment where the camera is installed. Motion detection also ensures video recording can be turned on when motion is detected in the nearby environment. With this particular feature, you will end up saving a lot of storage space, as no unnecessary videos will be recorded by the product.

    Buy one now: 

    3. WiFi Hidden Camera Smart Clock

    Fancy something that is a little more functional and creative? Then be sure not to miss out on this WiFi Hidden Camera Smart Clock. The device looks like a standard digital clock, but there is a hidden camera installed that gives you an opportunity to see exactly what is going on back home when you are not around.

    The camera easily connects to a custom-built app that is available for a variety of platforms, including iOS and Android mobile platforms. You can also access the surveillance from a Mac or standard Windows computer. The WiFi Hidden Camera Smart Clock comes with .a range of convenient features, such as
    motion sensing technology and a rechargeable battery.

    Buy one now: 


    When it comes to ensuring you are always aware of the activities happening at home, a secret camera is a great way to keep yourself in the loop without exposing the fact that you are monitoring whoever may be on the inside of your home. There are quite a variety of these cameras on the market, so you should ensure you take a good look at what they offer and which option can give you the best value for your money.

    We’ve listed three of the best ones that you can choose from – see which one fits your budget and needs best, and then start monitoring the activities at home while you are out.

    Outdoor lights can be very helpful when it comes to moving around outside of your home at night. Different kinds of outdoor lightening systems are available. Some only serve the purpose of providing you with a light on the outside of your house, while others also provide additional features that add some décor to your outdoor area.

    Additionally, there are also some options that are powered by batteries, and some lights that are powered by electricity from your house. Then we have a section of outdoor lights that are solar powered – saving you money on electricity bills, while also providing you with adequate lightning features.

    When it comes to solar lights, it is vital that you ensure you only buy those that are made from high-quality materials and internal hardware. Failure to ensure you buy one of the best outdoor solar powered wall lights may cause you to buy a product that does not last long or light with solar panels that can not effectively absorb power from the sun.

    The Best Solar-Powered Outdoor Wall Lights

    Hundreds of brands develop their own solar-powered lights that you can place in your outdoor area to help you ensure there are lights outside when it is dark. When you opt for a solar-powered option, it means you do not have to worry about constantly exchanging the batteries, and there is no need to worry about running up the bill for electricity.

    Since there are so many options out there, we decided to look at a few and to list only the best outdoor solar powered wall lights that we could find in this post. This will ensure you won’t end up wasting your own money on a product that is really not worth it.

    While analysing some of the available options, we looked at various factors, such as the quality of the device, the product’s ability to store energy from the sun during the day, and the overall response from past customers who have used the product.

    1. Solar Powered Wall Lights

    First up on our list is the Solar Powered Wall Lights from iWantZone. This is a top-quality product that you can definitely rely on, as the lights are built from high-quality materials that ensure the product will last for an extended period of time – there is no need to worry about having to replace the solar powered wall lights frequently. The product is available for a very attractive price and can be easily mounted on your wall.

    The solar panel utilizes state-of-the-art technology to ensure power can be effectively collected and then stored for when the light’s function is needed. The iWantZone Solar Powered Wall Light comes with a series of LED lights, which means the product is bright and will most certainly light up your way in the dark. A single charge with the solar panel allows the lights to shine for up to eight hours.

    Buy one now: 
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    2. 20 LED Solar Sensor Wall Light

    If you are looking for a product that is affordable and you do not need to light up a significantly large area in your yard, then the iWantZone 20 LED Solar Sensor Wall Light might be a good option for you. The product comes with a total of 20 LED lights that all shine together in order to create a luminous effect, while still being energy efficient – this means that the lights can continue to shine for an extended period of time on every charge.

    This particular outdoor solar-powered wall light is also probably one of the most affordable you’ll find, yet the manufacturer has not compromised the quality of the product in any way.

    Buy one now: 
    ***Use Discount Code: SOLAR10 For 10% OFF Your Order***

    3. LED Solar Wall Lights

    This one is perfect if you are not looking to install a single wall light, but rather multiple ones in your outdoor area. The LED Solar Wall Lights is both heatproof and waterproof, which really makes it ideal for the outdoors. The product also features a very attractive design and each package comes with four of these devices included, yet costs less than £20 each.

    The LED Solar Wall Lights features a total of 14 LED lights that have been chosen based on their ability to shine exceptionally bright. A motion sensor is also included in the product for added functionality. It is very easy to install these products, and they will start to store energy as soon as the installation process is completed.

    Buy one now: 
    ***Use Discount Code: SOLAR10 For 10% OFF Your Order***

    4. Motion Sensor Solar LED Colour Light

    The Motion Sensor Solar LED Colour Light is a waterproof product that generates energy through the built-in solar panel that comes with the product. One of the best features of the light is the fact that the LED lights are able to change color. In addition to the standard white color, the LEDs can also emit light in other colors, including blue, purple, green, yellow, orange, and pink. The built-in
    motion detector can pick up movement in a range of up to eight meters.

    Buy one now: 
    ***Use Discount Code: SOLAR10 For 10% OFF Your Order***


    With so many options in terms of outdoor lighting, it can sometimes be difficult to know which options you should choose for your house. Solar-powered lights can save you a significant amount of money and comes in various options, including motion-sensing lights that will automatically switch on when motion is detected. We shared the best outdoor solar powered wall lights with you in this post to help make the process of choosing an appropriate option easier.