If you want to do a job right, you need to measure everything twice and cut once. There is no room for error. And to measure it right the first time means having a laser measure that will not fail you, costing you a ton of money or even messing up the entire project.

Trust us when we say you should pick up one of these great tools to make sure the job is done right the first time, every time. There will be no second-guessing or demerits from the boss with these tools.

1. Smart Laser Measuring Tape

Traditional measuring tapes are not the easiest thing in the world to use. Sure, your dad might tell you to get tough and just use it, but suppose that thing gets unlocked and comes flying back at you? Yikes! Plus, we are all human and bound to make mistakes in reading the marks. This laser measuring tape makes it safe to work alone with no fear of a traditional tape snapping back at you or misreading the marks because you cannot see it.

All you need to do for accurate and easy measuring is point the laser at your target, and the device will show you the measurements on its digital readout. The LCD screen is easy to read. You can move the device back and forth to modify the readings. You can switch between units, so if you need the metric or imperial system, you can just click a button and get it. It’s great for anybody anywhere in the world!

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2. Laser Level Tape Measure

Going to hang up a photo or art piece? How about a cute kid drawing from your child? Or, want to hang up a wall sculpture or shelf? No worries here! We have you covered with this great laser level tape measure. You can even use it to lay down some flooring, hang up some wallpaper and so much more.

The tape measure in this is an 8-foot measure that will cover you for both imperial and metric linear measurements. It goes down to 1/32 and 1 mm for the most accurate down to the wire measurements. You will never have to second guess how big or small to cut something or hang up a photo with ease.

It will definitely make your home improvement wall projects much easier. You will like the on/off power switch for the laser, and it will make sure that all jobs are completed with straight lines. Nobody will stand back and tell you, “Oh, that frame is off-center!” It’s got all you need, a laser level, a bubble level, and a standard tape measure. Carry fewer tools and get more done, that’s a winner!

Best Laser Measuring Tapes On The Market in 2019

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3. 3 in 1 Digital Tape Measure

Like the look and feel of a regular everyday tape measure but want the convenience of a laser measurer? Then look no further. This is no ordinary tape measure-rather it is one that can measure any and all objects you put it up against. It will measure anything you need faster, easier, and just as accurately as an old-fashioned tape measure.

Your supervisor or boss will be pleased with how fast you measure the circumference of something by simply rolling the measure around the surface. If you are the supervisor or boss, get a few of these for your employees along with some bonuses (okay, kidding, but they will make great workplace tools). Use it at home too-great for household carpentry and home improvement projects as well as simple tasks like hanging up photos and pictures.

You Can Choose Three Modes on This Tape Measure:

  1. Laser Position Mode-You can measure a large area just by using a laser-great for those really wide rooms, or elongated hallways.
  2. Rolling Track Mode-You can measure curved surfaces and objects that are curved and oddly shaped just by rolling the device over the surface! Get up to 999 inches with it.
  3. Line Tape Mode-You can make all the standard measurements using this mode. Just pull out the measuring tape and do what you need to do. This is also good if you need to measure your body for clothing, a bicycle, etc.

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Grab hold of one of these great tape measures so you don’t have to guess at where something should go. It’s an easy-just point and shoot!

If you can take a picture, you can easily measure something. It makes a nice tool for use at work or even in the home. You can pick one up for your favorite handyman or woman, or even as a great ‘just because of’ gift.