iWantZone was created by 2 brothers in the UK, with the vision of bringing individual and unique products to the marketplace but at the same time making them an affordable product to purchase. They work with individual designers and suppliers from around the globe to bring something different to the table and give you a great experience with the service they offer. Here at iWantZone we believe in high quality and exceptional customer service. But most importantly, we believe shopping is a right, not a luxury, so we strive to deliver the best products at the most affordable prices, and aim to ship them to you regardless of where you are located in the world. We work directly with several global manufacturers, so there is no middle man in the process, this way we can offer our merchandise at great prices. But make sure you act fast because our flash sales and prices change on a DAILY BASIS. Because of the great relationship iWantZone has with the suppliers, the majority of the products are shipped directly from source so that we can pass on the huge savings to the customer that you wouldn’t normally get when buying from someone else. Thanks for visiting us – we hope you enjoy your shopping experience and if you have any questions please just reach out to us and one of our team will get back to you!